Power Rangers Go Back to Jurassic Age

The ever-morphing Power Rangers are going to spend their 12th season fighting the forces of evil back in the time of dinosaurs. For every one of its season, Rangers has changed locale and villains but not the essential dynamics of the Power Rangers versus over-the-top bad guys. The series became the property of the Walt Disney Co. two years ago when the Mouse House bought the former Fox Family Worldwide.

Staring February 14, Power Rangers DinoThunder, will join the cable schedule on Jetix, a new action block running on ABC Family and Toon Disney. The series will also be seen on ABC’s Saturday morning line-up a week after the cable play.

This being an evergreen kid’s franchise, the latest Rangers iteration will also be accompanied by a whole new range of merchandise targeted at the series’ young male fan-base. Village Roadshow KP Productions Ltd. will produce 38 episodes of DinoThunder. Executive producers are Douglas J. Sloan and Ann Austen.