Porchlight Appreciates Art with Mati and Dada

PorchLight Entertainment will distribute a new animated preschool show titled Art with Mati and Dada at MIPJunior in late September. The 13 x 7 series, which is produced by Achtoons and RAI Fiction uses a mixture of 2D and CG animation to teach young viewers about art and the lives of famous artists.

Mati, a cheerful seven-year-old girl with a passion for art, is transported into the lives of artists by her eccentric, magical sidekick, Dada. Together these two friends solve mysteries, uncover artist’s secrets and discover the works of Van Gogh, Pollock and other great painters throughout history.

The first season of Art with Mati and Dada will be premiere on RAI 3 beginning 2010. The series was created by Giovanna Bo and Augusta Eniti. Porchlight’s other recent animated hits include Secret Saturdays (Cartoon Network), Animalia (PBS, BBC) and A Tad of Christmas Cheer (Leapfrog).