Pitch Party Results!

Results of the Third Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party are in! Our esteemed panel of industry judges voted. Our staff voted. You voted. Now we’re pleased to announce those projects that made the biggest impact on everyone involved.

Judges’ Choices

Judges were asked to rate each pitch on a scale of 1-10. The project that got the highest average was Chris Leathers My Annoying Little Brother. Since there was little in the way of synopsis to go on, this pitch goes to show that a simple but strong drawing can convey a lot of potential.

The runner-up is Courageous Crustaceans from creator Dayan Paul. While we have seen shellfish in such films as The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo, we haven’t seen a whole animated series devoted to them. Might make you think twice about ordering at Red Lobster.

Coming in at third place is Brandon Stewart’s Student Crossing. The pitch could become an animated Freaks and Geeks, and our judges seemed to like the potential for weekly conflicts that high school life holds.

Readers’ Picks

Thousands of you voted online and the pitch that got the biggest response is MudBug from Laura J. Stegmaier-Pettinato and Ben Bowen. The proposed project features a variety of hilariously drawn bayou insects who teach kids and adults alike how to behave in public.

The second place winner is Jeff Jarka’s Puppy Love, about a mischievous boy who wants to be a dog. Readers seemed to enjoy the comical art and the possibilities of a reverse take on Disney’s Teacher’s Pet.

Third Place is held by Wild Unknown by Kellie Lewis. A lot of you bought the cuddly but adventurous artwork and the tagline “The Call of the Wild, no roaming charges, no rollover fees ‘ answer it.”

In fourth place is Jeffrey Jarka’s canine noir spoof, Sam Spayed, and My Annoying Little Brother rounds out the top five.

Staff Picks

Mike Reeping’s A Guy, a Fish, a Cat and a Movie got our funny bones tingling just thinking about how the title trio might comment on the latest theatrical releases. This could do to film criticism what Beavis and Butt-Head did to watching music videos.

We were also on the same page with our judges and many of you when it came to My Annoying Little Brother, our second place pick, and Puppy Love, our third favorite.

Thanks to everyone who voted and participated this year. The competition was tough as we had an exceptional batch of pitches for this round. See all the pitches, as well as our panel of high-profile judges and their personal favorites in the August Issue of Animation Magazine, available now.