Pint-Sized Prequel ‘Total Drama Daycare’ Announced

Total Drama Daycare
Total Drama Daycare

Fresh TV, CAKE, Corus Ent.’s TELETOON and Cartoon Network (US) have joined forces to once more reinvent the popular Total Drama franchise. Dubbed Total Drama Daycare (52 x 11 min.), the new show is an “outrageous, unexpected and totally random prequel” to the hit toon which recasts the familiar teen personalities as toddler mischief makers. The first season is now in production and is due to premiere on Cartoon Network in the US and TELETOON in Canada in 2018.

Created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, Total Drama is a multi-award winning franchise which first hit screens in 2007 with Total Drama Island, the first animated reality series for teens. Ten years later, the show continues to rack up ratings and has millions of fans worldwide, having aired in over 260 countries.

Ed Galton, CCO & Managing Director at CAKE said, “It’s very exciting to be teaming up with Fresh TV, TELETOON and Cartoon Network once again. A successful relationship which has spanned a decade and six series, we are thrilled to be working together on what promises to be a mind-blowing sensational take on the Total Drama story.”

“We haven’t laughed this hard in years,” adds co-creator McGillis. “We’re channelling all that teen angst and attitude through four year-olds and the results are endlessly funny.”

Synopsis: Total Drama Daycare re-introduces favorite cast members like loveable Owen and uptight Courtney but ages them down from teenagers to toddlers. While the cast may be pint-sized, their teen personalities are fully-formed with the voices we know and love and each episode is packed with dream sequences, cutaways, visual jokes, confessionals and flashbacks. So, whether it’s using Uber to have a Ferris Bueller-style day off or scaring away a new teacher, our cast is ready to scale the walls, hack the school computer and do whatever it takes, because make no mistake… these toddlers are here to PLAY!

Total Drama Daycare

Total Drama Daycare

  • Josee

    Why did you do this to us WE LOVE TOTAL DRAMA The way it was when they wore teenagers your basically turning this show to a kid show instead of a cartoon for r teenagers

    You let us all down

  • Hayley Waalen

    Total Drama Island meets Rugrats….

    • Kelvin Shubert

      In Reverse

  • Meg Ryan

    Why god….why….why…why did you do this to us? WHY!

  • Gemz

    We Need Another TDI But Its Been Confirmed That Jude is in this…

  • Crystal Gem

    So its a prequel? Not the season 6? We may still have season 6 hold on.

    • justis

      Hopefully fingers crossed on that one

  • Andrew

    Um. What.

  • justis

    U literally got my hopes for nothing apparently and u say that there going act the way they were as teenagers nope not interested rather wait for the actual season 6 though

  • Nutella girls

    Will Courtney and Duncan be together again can they please

  • Nutella girls

    Can they put more people like Gwen and Trent and Lindsay , Heather,and more

  • Glyn Millett

    oh no and out of all the shows that turned popular childrens show characters into small tykes muppet babies was the only one I like but total drama juniors wont work at all

  • Kacey Nepomuceno

    Why hasn’t anyone pointed out about Duncan having a mohawk in his toddler years?!

  • S34R SevereZ

    No No Not a kid show please… No This is made for teens … Not kids… WHY CARTOON NETWORK LET US DOWN

  • Jeffy Jeffy

    Uh oh.

  • Star Z

    Seriously…..why did I get my hopes up. What a disappointment.

  • Ziggy

    Umm…… we need a season 6 on total drama island.

  • Mackenzie

    This for s*** this shows for teenagers not kids I hope Cartoon Network get those Justice sooner or later.
    Total Drama went downhill after last season. And sorry for my language did it for s***the truth is.