Nicktoons Picks Up Two from Down Under

Nickelodeon’s digital powerhouse, Nicktoons, has acquired Schoolyard Safaris and Foul Facts, two series of short programs from Nick Australia and Fudge Puppy Prods. Both hit the air this week.

Schoolyard Safaris takes an animated look at exotic and potentially dangerous wildlife. Hosting the show is Jungle Jim, an ink-and-paint send-up of crock hunter Steve Irwin.

Foul Facts offers animated explanations of the vile excretions that frequently emanate from the pre-teen child. Ear wax, foot odor, bad breath … it’s all fair game as kids learn about their changing bodies.

Both series are produced by Kristie Phelan from Nick Australia. Phoebe Middleton-Newell from Fudge Puppy Prods. served as lead animator. She now works at Drawing Room 1.