Nicktoons Goes to Shuriken School with Xilam

Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons digital cable channel has teamed with Paris-based Xilam Animation to enroll young viewers in ninja classes with Shuriken School, a new 26×30 series produced by Xilam and based on an original idea by Zinkia Ent. The show is slated to debut on Nicktoons in 2006.

Aimed at kids 6-11, Shuriken School blends elements of Japanese and European design and employs digital 2D animation to tell the story of 10-year-old Eizan Kaburagi and his first year at Ninja school. The action takes place in the fictional town of Tokirohama, a melting pot of eastern and western cultures. When they’re not getting into altercations with kids from a rival school, Eizan and best friends Jimmy B. and Okuni are learning how to melt into the walls, fly over rooftops, disappear in a cloud of smoke and move as stealthily as an invisible cat.

While Shuriken School is the first Xilam production to be picked up by Nicktoons, the animation house has achieved international successful with such animated series as Oggy and the Cockroaches, Ratz, The New Adventures of Lucky Luke and Space Goofs (aka Home to Rent). In 2002, Xilam broke ground with the release of Kaena: The Prophecy, France’s first major feature-length, computer-animated 3D film.