Nick to Debut Neopets

Popular online youth community will make its television debut on June 23 when Nickelodeon launches the first series of animated Neopets ‘mini-shows,’ shorts that will air in between Nickelodeon’s longer-form programs. The network hopes a good percentage of the 40 million registered Neopets members will tune in to see characters and stories from the world of Neopia brought to life through animation.

Many of the spots will feature surprise, multiple endings as they introduce such characters as mad scientist creature Lab Ray, an ocean floor vacuumer named Trunkard and a Haunted Woods swamp witch named Sophie. Fans will also find hidden clues embedded in each episode that will help them unlock puzzles and trivia questions on the Neopets web site.

The mini-shows will also appear on Neovision,’s broadband video player, which also features user submitted content and Neopets animated originals. The redesigned site has also added new pet customization features, a home page that displays special messaging from personal Neopets, and a new games room. The second annual Altador Cup global gaming event will kick off on June 1 and will have the global community choosing one of sixteen teams to compete for the ultimate championship title in Yooyuball, a fantasy sport that blends elements of soccer and lacrosse. As many as 10.4 million unique visitors participated in last year’s event, according to MTV Networks, which acquired the Neopets property in June of 2005.