Nick Launches ‘Shimmer and Shine’ Season 2 June 15


Preschoolers are in for a magical summer with brand-new Shimmer and Shine content launching on every Nickelodeon platform. This includes the back-to-back episodes season two launch on air Wednesday, June 15 at noon (ET/PT); a new companion game on; and Shimmer and Shine app update.

Season two of Shimmer and Shine features an all-new, vibrant look in CG, and takes place entirely in the exciting genie world of Zahramay Falls. Shimmer and Shine will be accompanied on their adventures by their best human friend Leah, and meet new characters including the power-hungry sorceress Zeta (voiced by Lacey Chabert) and her pet dragon, Nazboo; kind genie princess Samira and her peacock Roya; and Zac’s new genie Kaz.

In the second season premiere episode “Welcome to Zahramay Falls,” Shimmer and Shine receive a Green Burst Gem from Princess Samira and take it to the human world, where the evil Zeta uses magic to steal it. But her spell goes awry, and pulls Leah and Zac into Zahramay Falls. In “All Bottled Up / Zoom Zahramay,” which follows, Shimmer and Shine are trapped in a genie bottle and need Leah’s help to escape, then are challenged to a magic carpet race with Zeta to win the magical Racing Gem.

The premiere will pre-release on, the Nick Jr. App, VOD and select digital platforms. On May 30, will launch the “Genie-rific Creations” game, which allows users to customize their own genies. And the Shimmer and Shine Enchanted Carpet Ride will be updated to incorporate the magic of the genie gems into the magic carpet ride experience.

Off-screen, the first consumer products line inspired by the series will debut nationwide in July. Nickelodeon teamed up with Mattel’s Fisher-Price brand for an assortment of basic and deluxe dolls and accessories and feature dolls such as “Shimmer and Shine Wish & Spin” and “Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet,” plus apparel, publishing items, home decor, accessories and more.

Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine

  • Nanny Annie

    Im a nanny and care for 4 kids full time and 2 kids part time and my niece occasionally. All seven kids dislike the new animation. I agree it was cuter in original animation. The look like playdough. Its too fake now.

  • Zachary Michael Antonovich

    This show looks awful now. Heres some logic for you: “Hey, this became popular using this format, since we get to come back for a second season, lets completely change the format from what works so it looks like crap now!”

  • Tori Drollinger

    My four kids and I all REALLY dislike the new animation! Please oh please bring back the old Shimmer and Shine!

  • dmode73

    The new format of shimmer and shine is HORRIBLE, my daughter used to laugh a lot with Zac but now NADA, you need to combat to the previous format asap because this new format looks like crap.

  • Andrew Torres

    All the warmth gone cold with video game-like rendering of the characters, and all the humor derived from Leah trying to hide the genies from Zac…also gone. Another good show dumbed down and made just like so many others…kids with superpowers vs. the bumbling villain.

  • Leanne

    The new format is a disaster. It looks to me like they manufactured the dolls, went back to the animators and said “make the new animation designs look as much like these dolls as possible so we can sell products.” And the gems which were nonexistent before, are so the app makes more sense, right? Just more product to sell. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention to the new episodes but they seem to have taken away the “when we make a big mistake” song which for me was the best part. Learning to try again and not look at mistakes as a reason to give up was the whole focus of the show and a great lesson for kids. What’s the lesson now?

  • ashley

    my 3 year old loved last season.. but this season she is not as interested. the format looks terrible. and why is the whole based in zarhamay falls?? we miss Leah’s house. we miss the jokes and life lessons. this show is a disaster now. go back to the old shimmer and shine!!

    • Camille

      I totally agree. My mom and grandma do not understand that it is totally different graphics, characters and places. I liked the old one.

  • Dubluv

    What happened?! Have you ever heard the phrase: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”? The first season of Shimmer and Shine was so simple and cute… and now it’s awful. Visually it’s hard on the eyes… not to mention a million plot holes. How did Leah get tho Zahamay falls? How did Zach get there? What was Zachs reaction when he met Shimmer and Shine? Surely Leahs parents must notice their daughter has been missing for months. It’s horrible. I thought I was the only one who noticed this. PLEASE PLEASE go back to the old format.

  • Sandra

    Agreed. The new format is horrible. My kids miss all the songs from the first season. My four year old doesn’t even like the show anymore.

  • Ezekle Tweneboah

    I love the second season because Zeta,Kaz(Zac’s Genie) Nazboo, Princess Smaria,Zain(Kaz’s pet) and a Mermaid,and A lighting Genie and Prisa(Leah’s Pet) and Emperor Caliana are in it

  • Michael Jones

    The new format is terrible. I actually liked how the characters learned from their mistakes and whatnot, and I’m not the target audience; my daughter is. Now it looks like a bad video game. Also, what did they do with Zac?

  • selfpotato

    The new show is terrible. My 3 and a half year old doesn’t even like to watch it anymore. She used to laugh at Zac and used to sing along with the songs. Bring it back to where it used to be in season 1.

  • Ann

    Second season is fine! My daughter watches both. Leah should understand the life of Shimmer and Shine in general. Getting three wishes a day is not good for anyone with out being thankful. I like the concept that they are friends. I think that’s what both seasons represent. As far as someone’s comments about Leah and Zac’s parents.. We never see them anyway be it first or second season.