New Transformers Series Goes to Entertainment Rights

Entertainment Rights has secured the television and video rights to Transformers Energon, the next chapter in the epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The company is now looking to secure television and video deals with international television broadcasters and video distributors for the 52×30 series.

Transformers Energon will continue where the successful Transformers Armada left off. Megatron has once more been defeated and is left trapped inside Unicron, who begins to use him as a means to grow strong again. As both evil Transformers are restored to their former selves, they develop a plan to destroy the Earth. The Autobots, led as ever by Optimus Prime, are determined to stop Unicron from re-energizing and wage a battle that that will decide the fate of Earth.

Transformers Energon, which will be launched at this year’s MIPCOM in October, will feature a new look for the Transformers characters. For example, fans can look forward to seeing Optimus Prime become Super Optimus Prime.