New ‘Sailor Moon’ Reboot Arrives in 2013


A new version of Toei Animation’s popular Sailor Moon is in the works for delivery in the summer of 2013. Originally created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992, the iconic Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon character will be the star of a new anime series, co-produced by Kodanshi Comics.

Credited for revitalizing the magical girl genre, the show centers on reborn defenders of a kingdom that once spanned the solar system and the evil forces they battle frequently. Takeuchi modeled the Sailor’s outfits on the style of girls’ school uniforms (sera fuku) popular in Japan.

Although the producers didn’t release more information on the new storyline or voice talent, it was revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will provide the show’s theme song.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

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  • Yvonne Scherger

    cool i have most of the series on dvd i would love to see it out on tv for the younger generations to see and enjoy 

  • Louis Wellington II

    So. Happy  :)

  • Mixtercnguyen

    Haruka and Michiru need to show the world their love!

    • Mauve_Avenger

      They didn’t in the original? I mean, I know it was changed (among other things) for the American version, but it wasn’t exactly a secret in the original.

  • Kenzie


  • djh1991

    I haven’t seen the whole Sailor moon series from the 90s. Maybe I will watch Sailor Moon when it comes back to the United States.

  • LuluSilver

    hells yeah!

  • Rubinamann97

    my world will finally be complete! :3

  • Sailormoonjessie

    i love it yay

  • Frans

    :O this is the best news ever!!!

  • Magic_mama13

    sweet!!!!!!!!! keep me in the loop i wanna know more!!!

  • Cz4200

    yes but what about Pluto?

    • Guest

      Not to sound like a bitch, but just because Pluto not a planet anymore doesn’t mean their gonna cut her out the show. It’s pretty stupid if they did and I’m sure Naoko Takeuchi wouldn’t let them do that. If they did, than they might as well cut her out of the Manga too, which they didn’t because then Naoko Takeuchi would probably have to write the whole series again to make sure Pluto is not a Sailor Scout anymore. So regardless, Pluto is still gonna be in the show. 

      • stefanolattanzio

        humans can’t decide what is a planet and what no… don’t you think? pluto will always be a planet

    • Guest

      About Pluto … They didn’t kill her off. They just made her senshi version a lot smaller. You know … she now declared a “dwarf senshi”. LOL!

  • Beeta

    I hope they make them more badass! And more realistic. You know where fist fight with each other when they disagree and fight monsters with more tenacity and aggressiveness. Be like “Monster leave them kids alone or in the name of the moon, I WILL fuck you up.” 

  • Bubblez

    I honestly cant wait to see it!

  • chibichibi

    What bout Pluto? Will she die in the series?

  • chibichibi

    Wish they would hurry. So wanna watch it now. Scouts get boyfriends or more of a story line on the other planets kingdoms would be exciting. Other scouts have there own kingdom visits.

  • chibichibi

    Mercury needs a boost. Would be nice to see her out ta her shy shell and a more powerful attack.

  • chibichibi

    I can see mars ruling her planet already she is awesome.

  • chibichibi

    Final fantasy graphics on sailor moon would be so freakin sweet.

  • chibichibi

    Put out previews of the new sailor moon on YouTube please the real previews no fandub

  • Guardianmercury

    The music of Arisawa Takanori will be missing if they choose to use another soundtrack. Mr. Takanori´s melodies were exceptionally gorgeous…

  • Luke Yannuzzi

    I hope the new anime will be the same design as the old anime.

  • star

    hopefully she is voiced by some one we don’t want to kill while listening to.

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