New Little Airplane Shows Ready for Take Off

Little Airplane Productions (The Wonder Pets!, 3rd & Bird) will be taking two new animated preschool shows to the MipJunior and Mipcom markets in France this October. Created by Little Airplane president and founder Josh Selig, the two shows are titled Small Potatoes! and Jo B.G. Raff!

Small Potatoes! (10 x 2) is a short-form series about four adorable potatoes who sing songs as they go on journeys in their imaginations. In each episode they explore a new musical style, from rock to reggae, and from house to hip-hop.

Jo B. G. Raff! (26 x 11) is a new preschool show about two best friends, Jo B. and G. Raff who are the co-hosts of their own preschool show. G. Raff always takes off right before show time and Jo B. has to travel to faraway places to find him! This series is all about friendship, differing perspectives and finding ‘win-win solutions.’ The show will be animated in a brand new style, developed in-house, called, “Soft Toy Animation,” that gives the characters the texture and touchability of real stuffed toys.

“I love our new shows,” says Selig. “They are hands down the two cutest series we have ever created. The Small Potatoes!‘ are like the Beatles of the fresh produce section and Jo B. G. Raff! features the two most huggable characters on preschool TV. We are so excited to share our newest creations with the international community.”

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