Nelvana’s Spins Beyblade Deals at MIP-TV

Corus Ent.’s Nelvana has closed deals with two of Germany’s top broadcasters for the kids’ action animé program Beyblade. RTL2 acquired the first 51 episodes and launched the series on March 17. Fox Kids Germany will air the first of their 26 episodes of the series in June 2003.

Acquired by Nelvana from d-rights, Beyblade tells the story of a boy who learns to harness the power of his ancestors to perfect his technique in the spinning top sport known as Beyblade.

Following successful airings of the first 52 episodes, Cartoon Network U.K. has acquired 51 new installments of the series, which was the network’s No. 1 show among the target demographic in Jan. and Feb. 2003.

In addition to ABC Family in the U.S. picking up another 12 episodes of the series, sales have been made to Polsat in Poland, TV2 in Hungary, VIASAT (TV3 Estonia, TV3 Lithuania, TV3 Latvia), TVI Televisio in Portugal and Caracol TV Columbia.