MTV2 Gets Groove, Game On with Video Mods

Cable channel MTV2 is jumping on the video-game craze with a new show that combines the latest music with characters from the hottest interactive titles. Scheduled to debut Sept. 18 (9:30 p.m. ET, 6:30 p.m. PT), Video Mods will feature video game versions of music videos from such top-selling artists as Lil’ Jon, Black Eyed Peas, New Found Glory and others.

An early episode of Video Mods will have the title character from Majesco’s BloodRayne starring in a video for Evanescence’s "Everybody’s Fool." Other characters and environments from the upcoming BloodRayne 2 will also be featured.

BloodRayne’s MTV2 debut is just one of many projects designed to turn the property into a multi-media brand. Echo 3 Worldwide will publish a series of BloodRayne comic books and 1st Boll Kino Beteiligungs GmbH and Brightlight Pictures Inc. are producing a feature film with Terminator 3’s Kristanna Loken in the title role. BloodRayne 2 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC is scheduled to ship this Halloween. More information about the game can be found at