More Pop Pups for ABC Down Under

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) has picked up 19 additional one-minute episodes of Ambience Ent.’s and A Stark Prods.’ animated series The Pop Pups. The network has been giving the preschool series a nine-episode try-out over the past seven months, and will begin airing the new installments immediately.

Pop Pups is based on three balloon puppies that originally appeared on the ABC Kids’ commercials. The series follows the adventures of the cheeky little canines as they play with their toys and have funny, imaginative adventures. The puppies were all animated separately in 3D, with the secondary animation of the tails, noses and ears being all hand-animated to add life to the characters.

Producer Avrill Stark says the property has global appeal since it tells its stories through music, movement, color and sound, rather than any particular phonetic language. The show is next heading to France, where it will screen on children’s satellite broadcaster TiJi.