MIPTV: Shaftesbury Films, Cookie Jar Have Hand in Dark Oracle

Cookie Jar, the freshly minted product of the Cinar takeover, has joined forces with Toronto-based producer Shaftesbury Films to launch the live-action/animated adventure series Dark Oracle. The show is comprised of an initial 13 half-hour episodes and is set to debut this fall on YTV.

Aimed at kids eight-12, Dark Oracle follows the adventures of 15-year-old twins, Cally and Lance Stone, who discover a comic book that gives them clues about their futures. Thrust into a comic book world of danger, fear and uncertainty, the twins learn the Dark Oracle has a hidden agenda that threatens their very existence. In a unique blend of live-action and comic book-style animation, the two confront their animated alter egos, Violet and Blaze, who possess the uncanny ability to manipulate the future and attempt to escape into the real world to wreak further havoc.

“YTV is looking forward to this innovative production," says Corus Television’s Bonita Siegel, director of original productions, children’s television. "The live action and animation appealed to us right away. When those comic book characters move, it will spook out our audience and keep them watching the whole series.”

The series was created by newcomer Jana Sinyor, who has teamed up with Int’l Emmy Award winner Heather Conkie (Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat, The Zack Files) to write the series. Conkie will serve as exec producer, along with Shaftesbury Films’ Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie. Producers are Suzanne French and Laura Harbin for Shaftesbury Films and Jana Sinyor. Ron Murphy (The Gavin Crawford Show, Our Hero, In a Heartbeat) will also serve as a producer and will direct of most of the episodes.

Dark Oracle is produced in association with YTV, A Corus Ent. company, the Canadian Film or Television Tax Credit and Ontario Tax Credit and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund Equity and License Fee Programs.