MIPCOM: National Geographic Announces New Kids’ Slate

Following its mission to develop children’s animated and live-action programming, National Geographic TV & Film’s Kids Programming and Production unit announced four new original series at MIPCOM. VP of kids’ programming Tara Sorensen noted that the new lineup will target preschool to kids age 6-11 to the tween market worldwide.

Among the series launched at the market is Hugh’s View, a mix of animation and live-action footage based on Tony Porto’s Adventures in Color book series. The project offers kids an exaggerated, offbeat view of the world from the perspective of a quirky, imaginative eight-year-old boy who tends to take things literally and figuratively.

Paul Rugg’s Loco Starburn is another new National Geo offering. Aimed at kids age 6-11, the series was created by the writer/creator behind Freakazoid. The show focuses on a lost interstellar space probe, which ends up on the advanced planet of Visaloona and gets revamped and rejuvenated by a bizarre robotics hospital.

The Kids’ Programming and Production is a Los Angeles-based independent arm of the National Geographic Television and Film company. It was established in 2003 to bring the famous NG brand to children’s entertainment through development and production of animated and live-action programming that drives kids to explore the world around them.