MicroTainment’s Frost Family Thaws at MIP

Toronto-based film and TV shop MicroTainment will bring a new half-hour primetime animated series to this years MIPTV market in Cannes. Titled The Frost Family, the show is about a ’70s-era family that return a generation later to pick up their lives, after being frozen in ice for 24 years! The 2D-CG-combination series will be available for fall of 2005.

“What the Jetsons were to the space age, the Frost Family are to the modern science of cyrogenics,” says Mark Shekter, president of MicroTainment. “Cyrogenics attempts to preserve humans in a deep-freeze state for future purposes. Fine in theory, but the Frost Family all emerge live‹yet with a severe case of freezer burn.”

Among the problems of the Frosts are short-term memory loss, speaking in tongues, and a strange attraction to platform shoes and disco music. Also, all their high-school friends are now old enough to be their parents.

Founded by Garry Blye and Mark Shekter, MicroTainment Plus specializes in live-action, comedy and animation.