MGA Ent.’s Alien Racers Speeds to Fox

MGA Ent., the consumer entertainment products company behind the BRATZ doll sensation, has joined forces with 4Kids Ent. to bring its new boys’ action property to the Fox television network. Alien Racers will join the FOX BOX Saturday morning block in spring of 2005. The CG series is produced by SD Ent., in concert with MGA’s Alien Racers creative team, led by MGA VP of entertainment Jay Fukuto.

To prevent an all-out intergalactic war over the most powerful energy source in existence, Xeno-Energy, Alien civilizations from across the cosmos put forth their most skilled champions to compete in an epic race at the center of the universe. In their wild and fantastic vehicles, these speed demons pull out all the stops to best each other in an ongoing competition for power, control and supremacy.

With Alien Racers, MGA Ent. will also infiltrate the boys’ action toy market with radio controlled vehicles and a new action figure line. Packaging will include comic books and an interactive website,, will help introduce kids to the Alien Racers–Ultrox, G’rog, Skrash and Gnarl.