Marathon’s Team Galaxy Beams Down to Cartoon Network

Paris-based toon powerhouse Marathon Animation will be moving from the femme espionage world of Totally Spies! to the teen space cadet universe of Team Galaxy this fall. Cartoon Network has sealed the deal to air 52 half-hour episodes of the new high-energy series.

Team Galaxy combines excitement, adventure, and comedy’all the elements children look for in a great animated series’and brings them to the forefront,’ says Marathon president Vincent Chalvon-Demersay.

The show mixes traditional and CG animation to draw young viewers (6-11) to the world of three unlikely heroes who have to juggle the challenges of being regular teens in school as well as battling aliens in space to save the world.

‘We are honored to work with Cartoon Network on this new show and we are confident that Team Galaxy has all ‘the right stuff’ to be a smash success both on- and off-screen,’ offers David Michel, general manager of Marathon Animation. ‘The series follows the same formula that made Totally Spies! so special: a blending of action and outrageous character-based comedy which allows us to get the boys and the girls to watch!’

Michel points out that space-themed shows are often more successful in getting the attention of boys. However, he adds, Marathon’s goal is to get the right blend of comedy, grounded characters and action. ‘We can have the adrenaline-prone boy viewers and make the show fun so that girls will want to watch it as well.’

More announcements about the show’s licensing and toys plans will be made at the New York Toy Fair next month. Marathon’s Totally Spies! series is seen in more than 100 countries and territories, including Cartoon Network in the U.S.