Malaysian Animation Gets Boost

The Malaysian Government is getting serious about promoting animation production and is even developing its own intellectual properties. Through its agency, MDC (Multimedia Development Corporation), the government is developing and funding an animated TV series based on the life of Saladin, the 12th century Kurdish warrior who united the Muslim world and defeated the Crusaders to reclaim Jerusalem.

Malaysian animation and audio companies have been tapped to produce the series, which the government hopes to distribute worldwide and may take to this year’s MIPCOM in October. The project is part of a national agenda to give the local toon industry a leg up in the global market.

Animation companies are being considered to create a pilot and perhaps 13 episodes of the Saladin series, which promises to stir up some controversy since it focuses on a historic Islamic hero who outsmarts and defeats Christian European invaders in the Middle East. An official trailer for the show has been posted at The promo features animation created by local toon house Silver Ant. Creative Voice Ent. completed the audio work, including the original music score, sound design/effects, recording and mixing, and also wrote the English-language script.