Mainframe Ent. Unleashes Alien Legion On TV

Computer animation house Mainframe Ent. Inc. has acquired the rights to produce a television series based on Alien Legion, the critically acclaimed comic book series created by Carl Potts with Alan Zelenetz & Frank Cirocco.

The Alien Legion series will be developed by Mainframe and produced at its studios in Vancouver. Potts, who served as exec. editor of Marvel Comics and editor-in-chief of Marvel’s Epic Comics division during his 13-year tenure with the comics giant, will work closely with Mainframe’s team on development production. Kevin Gamble will oversee the project for Mainframe.

The Alien Legion comic series has sold more than two million units in North America since its debut in 1983. Stories revolve around Force Nomad, a multi-species band of interstellar fighters reminiscent of the French Foreign Legion. Led by serpentine Major Sarigar and the hot-tempered Jugger Grimrod, the unit travels the galaxy and confronts worthy adversaries and personal demons.

Checker Book Publishing Group released the first of a series of large high-format Alien Legion trade paperbacks, Force Nomad, in December of 2001.