Lanterna Magica Hatches Gino the Chicken

Italian animation studio Lanterna Magica, in association with studios Enarmonia and Melazeta, will produce 52 episodes of a new series titled Gino the Chicken. Co-produced with Italian state television (RAI), the series is scheduled for delivery in January 2006.

The children’s series will feature catchy songs as it follows the adventures of Gino the Chicken and his friends as they battle the evil beings that populate the Internet and the world outside.

Gino started out as a Flash production but is now being animated using Concerto from Toon Boom Animation Inc., maker of USAnimation OPUS and Toon Boom Studio. Toon Boom says this installation is one of the first completely digital solutions of its kind in Italy. Production on the series is being shared among three locations with each studio is responsible for the complete production of 26 episodes.