Kids’ WB! Banks Early On Success For Next Season

Most broadcasters in the U.S. wait to announce their new seasons closer to the upfront advertiser meetings in the spring, but Kids’ WB! has made an unprecedented early pick-up commitment for five series for 2003-2004. Warner Bros. Animation has second seasons to produce of its freshmen series, Ozzy & Drix, !Mucha Lucha! and What’s New Scooby-Doo? New seasons have also been ordered for the hit series Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon, according to Donna Friedman Meir, exec vp, Kids’ WB!

"These early pick-ups are testament to our confidence and appreciation of the wonderful creative teams behind each of these shows. These series will be the anchor for what we expect to be another winning season," Friedman Meir said.

Yu-Gi-Oh! enters a third season while Pokémon continues into a sixth. Both anime hits are from 4Kids Productions.

"In the last three years, Kids’ WB! has emerged as a powerful 14-hour-a-week programming service that kids turn to for high-quality entertainment," said Jed Petrick, president and COO, The WB. "Together with Cartoon Network, AOL-Time Warner’s kids’ properties now provide kids and advertisers with their best alternative to Nickelodeon."