Kiddo Truckin’ to MIPCOM

As producers prepare to bring their animated product to the world market in Cannes next week, many are threatening to roll over the competition. California-based MagicDreams and India-based MUV Studios are even bringing a special vehicle. The two entities will debut their CG-animated feature Kiddo the Super-Truck.

The co-production marks the first time an Indian CG production house has targeted major International markets. MagicDreams and MUV Studios are hopeful that the project will bring them a step closer to competing with successful partnerships like Disney and Pixar, DreamWorks and PDI, and Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky.

"The union was inevitable," MagicDreams writer/associate producer Venessa Hart says in a release. "Coupling America’s best animation writers with India’s best animators produces nothing but cost-efficient magic."

Slated for release on DVD in March of 2004, the 65-minute, computer animated Kiddo the Super-Truck is the first in a planned ongoing series. The feature follows the adventures of a magical truck who can transform into anything he wishes to be. The stories are geared toward developing positive self-esteem and have been approved by a board of educational psychologists.

Kiddo is the first collaborative work from MagicDreams, which operates from studios in Westwood, Calif., and MUV Studios, which makes its home in Chennai, India.