Johnny Bravo Goes Hollywood

Talk about checking your ego at the door. Alec Baldwin, Jessica Biehl and Don Knotts, an unlikely combo if ever there was one, are about to play second-fiddle to a TV cartoon star. All three are voicing characters to be seen on Cartoon Network’s Feb. 20 airing of a new Johnny Bravo episode. “In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really great actors (such as) Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins and Jack Lemmon,” says Baldwin, playing along with the gag. “They each brought a certain amount of class and professionalism to the set. Working with Johnny Bravo was not like that at all.”

In the seg, entitled Johnny Bravo Goes Hollywood, the series hero has just been dumped by yet another date when a big Hollywood producer taps him to star in his new movie, Lunchlady S’Uprise! Arriving at Big Time Studios, Johnny meets his co-stars Jessica Biel (Johnny’s very serious leading lady) and Alec Baldwin (Johnny’s film nemesis). Among his other co-stars, is a threatening Don Knotts, playing against type as a hairy-footed hobbit and a non-descript dinosaur.

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