Jimmy Two Shoes Tops MIPCOM Jr. List

Breakthrough Entertainment’s animated series Jimmy Two Shoes landed the top spot on the most-screened list at the MIPCOM Junior market this past weekend (Oct. 11, 12). Co-produced by Breakthrough, Jetix Europe and Teletoon, the 52×11 mins (or 26×30 mins) series follows the adventures of an enthusiastic 14-year-old kid, who through a series of missteps, falls into the weird world of Miseryville, where everything is designed to inflict torment onto its inhabitants. The irrepressible Jimmy and his pals Beezy and Eloise stir up the fun in his new bizarre home much to the chagrin of Miseryville’s Big Cheese’Lucius Heinous the Seventh. The series is written by Alex Galatis and directed by Sean Scott and Jeff Barker and will debut on TELETOON Canada and Jetix Europe in early 2009.

The fall children’s programming screening event and international conference attracted 428 sellers (up 38% from last year) , 497 buyers (up 7% from 2007) and 613 companies (up 19% from last year). This year 1,143 shows were presented at the screenings, marking an increase of 23% from the previous year. The number of screenings fell from 47,747 in 2007 to 43,200 this year.

Here is the list of the top 20 most-screened programs at MIPCOM Junior.

1. Jimmy Two Shoes (Disney/Breakthrough Entertainment); U.K./Canada

2. Timmy Time (Aardman Animations); U.K.

3. Leon (TV-Loonland); Germany

4. Amazing Spiez! (Marathon); France

5. Olivia (Chorion/Silver Lining); U.K.

6. Amber’s Animals (Inspire GLG, Ltd.); U.K.

7. Beast in the Box (Awol); France

8. Alien Zoo (Carrere Group); France

9. Angelina Ballerina (HIT Entertainment); U.K.

10. Betty Banner (Decode/House of Cool); Canada

11. Myo & Ga (Vooz Co., Ltd./Imira Entertainment); S. Korea/Spain

12. Dinosaur Train (The Jim Henson Company); U.S.A.

13. Action Dad (Toonzone Studios Inc.); U.S.A.

14. Gormiti (Marathon Groupe); France

15. 90210 (CBS Paramount Int’l Television); U.S.A.

16. Aesop’s Theater (Cake Distribution Ltd.); U.K.

17. The Garfield Show (Mediatoon); France

18. Frog & Friends (Telescreen BV); Netherlands

19. Kid Vs. Kat (Disney Television); U.K.

20. Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Warner Bros. Int’l TV Distribution); U.S.A.