Inspector Gadget Fights Obesity

Finally, someone is doing something about the alarming rate of obesity among American kids. DIC Entertainment recently announced that it will launch a series of 30-second Public Service Announcements promoting health and the values of exercise for kids. It will air on DIC Kids’ Network.

DIC’s popular character, Inspector Gadget, will deliver these messages that stress importance of participating in various activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The PSA’s will be broadcast on three of the block’s feeds (WB, UPN, Fox), as well as Spanish-language feeds.

“We are sensitive to the increasing concerns in the marketplace pertaining to children’s health, and DIC is committed to addressing these issues by educating and providing a providing a positive environment for our series,” says David Ozer, DIC’s senior VP of domestic TV. “We’ve had an amazing reaction already from our advertisers who want to be associated with positive messaging.”

It will be interesting to see if these messages work if the advertisers are pushing candy and other kid-friendly junk food. It’s also ironic that a TV programming block is encouraging kids to participate activities outside which means they’ll have to stop watching the shows on the network!

After having a successful first season on the air, DIC Kids’ Network is getting ready for its 2004 season. The colorful new lineup will include the award-winning Liberty’s Kids, the CGI-live-action mix Ace Lightning and the global hit Sabrina’s Secret Life. Designed to meet core FCC requirements, DKN airs over 400 stations around the country.