Indian Toon House Makes U.K. Frost

Mumbai, India-based Maya Entertainment Ltd (MEL) tells us that it is animating Jack Frost, a 30-minute animated special based on a best-selling U.K. children’s book. The 3D-animated project is scheduled to be ready for broadcast on the BBC Worldwide channel by Christmas of 2004.

The assignment came to MEL through Jack Frost Prods., which is associated with BBC Worldwide. MEL CEO Rajesh Turakhia notes, “While preproduction functions like storyboarding and modeling have been done in the U.K., we are involved in production activities related to animating the entire show, the background elements and compositing.”

MEL is also busy creating a series of 10 to 12 animated interstitials for popular kids’ channels such as Nickelodeon. In addition, the studio has been commissioned by a U.S. firm to create a special program based on a leading toy manufacturer’s products. That yet-to-be-announced program is budgeted at $250,000. MEL has also clinched a $150,000 gaming animation project for the same company.

“We are negotiating a 26-episode television series with a European outfit, too,” Turakhia adds. “Work on this project, budgeted at $2 million, is expected to take off around October or November of this year. Deliveries would start rolling out in 2005.”

MEL, which employs 65 animators, is currently transforming its infrastructure to accommodate an additional 150 artists. A division of its stakeholder, INTEL, will aid in the design, restructuring and update of the hardware and software to meet the expanding client base.