IDT Media Hopes for Monster International Hit

IDT Media’s 3D animated children’s series, Monster by Mistake, has been picked up for broadcast in several key international markets. The “new and improved” episodes will air on Disney Australia, Telemundo in the United States, Super RTL in Germany, Canada’s YTV and the French language VRAC in Canada.

Monster by Mistake follows the adventures of an eight-year-old boy named Warren, who accidentally gets mixed up in a magic spell and turns into a blue monster every time he sneezes.

The series, which first aired in 1996, has been revitalized by IDT Media’s Digital Production Solutions (DPS) using patent pending proprietary software and a rare cross-platform collaboration between 3ds max and Houdini.

DPS is also currently working on a co-production with Jim Jinkins and David Campbell of Cartoon Pizza, the creators of Doug, Stanley and PB&J Otter. IDT Media is a division of IDT Corporation, a multinational carrier, technology and telephone company.