Hollywood Player Robert Evans Still in the Picture on Comedy Central

Legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans, who seems to have had almost as many showbiz lives as Madonna, can add one more chapter to his wild career.

Comedy Central has announced that it is producing an animated series based on Evan’s life. The subject of last year’s hit feature documentary The Kid Stays In The Picture, Evans’ character will now appear in the series Kid Notorious.

Along with current Daily Variety editor Peter Bart, Evans headed Paramount Pictures in the late 1970s and is largely credited with saving the then-moribund studio. He oversaw mega-hits such as The Godfather, Chinatown and Love Story.

Brett Morgan, who took Evans’ documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture to the big screen last year, has joined King of the Hill veterans Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland to produce the series.

Episodes of Kid Notorious will depict Evans reviving The Godfather on Broadway with an all-hip hop cast, losing his treasured home to the French in a poker game and making movie deals with Hollywood’s A-list while saving the world from mass destruction.

Comedy Central plans to premiere the first of eight episodes on October 22 at 10:30.