Hercules Animator to Direct Angry Pig

Richard Bazley, lead animator on Hercules, Pocohontas, Osmosis Jones and Iron Giant, has come on board as director for BA20’s Rip, The Angriest Pig In The World.

Created by cyberpunk author Steve Aylett, the 78×7 Flash animation series is already causing a stir since being featured in Animation Magazine. A Canadian co-production partner is rumored to be nearing a deal and several U.K. and U.S. broadcasters have expressed interest.

Bazley’s company, Bazley Films, will produce the show in the U.K. from its studio at the hi-tech multimedia complex Corsham Media Park, near Bath, which is run by entrepreneur Jeff Thomas. Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd is counted among the investors. Bazley contacted BA20 after seeing the company’s ad in Animation Magazine.

BA20′s Alastair Swinnerton is optimistic that he and Bazley will be collaborating on many more projects in the future. BA20 has agreed to come on board as exec. producer for Bazley’s film Voodoo Child, a dark but beautiful 2D movie about a kid who makes her world better by manipulating it with voodoo dolls. Described as “Tim Burton meets Eyvind Earle,” Voodoo Child was co-created by Bazley and L.A.-based writer Gordon Kent, who served as producer on Flintstones Christmas Carol and story editor on Bill & Ted. BA20 will be looking for funding for the film in Potsdam.