Harvey Birdman Takes Flight Again in July

If you’re hungry for more animated madness from Cartoon Network’s legal eagle, worry no more! Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law will resume his adventures on Adult Swim, Sunday, July 10 at 12:15 a.m. The 13-episode new season follows the successful release of the first season on DVD last month. Created by Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter in 2001, the show will continue to feature the madcap theatrics of the hipper-than-thou attorney who will be representing toon characters such as Wally seasonr, Ricochet Rabbit and Captain Cavement this summer.

In the season opener, titled "Booty Noir," Reducto falls in love with Black Vulcan’s girlfriend, Norlisa, and Wally Gator is arrested for being a redneck. In "Harvey’s Civvy," (July 17), Murro the Maurader sues Harvey for injuries suffered in 1967, and Potamus takes the case on Harvey’s behalf. In the July 24 outing, "X Gets the Crest," Harvey falls apart after the evil X the Eliminator nabs the crest on our hero’s helmet. Things look pretty bleak when Harvey also loses a case defending Ricochet Rabbit and starts running around in his skivvies!

Aaaaaah, suddenly staying up way past our bedtime on Sundays to catch Mr. Birdman’s latest mishaps sounds deliciously inviting. Check out adultswim.com for more info.