Guilds Reach Deal for Ani Scribes

The Writer’s Guild of America West has reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers that affect how animation writers choose jobs. According to Daily Variety, employment offers for toon scribes must specify whether a production is represented by the WGA of by LATSE’s Animation Guild Local 839.

The decision follows a tiff that flared last September when WGA West president Victoria Riskin accused DreamWorks of forcing Father of the Pride writers to sign what she considered to be a compromising IATSE contract. The Studio said it was simply bound by an IATSE pact, which expires in 2006.

The two entities tentatively settled the dispute in November, concluding that the Animation Guild would continue to represent the show’s writers, with the inclusion of several standard WGA contract features such as pension and health contributions. However, Pride scribes pressured producers for WGA coverage and eventually won.

Father of the Pride, a CG-animated comedy series about a family of white lions working in Siegfried & Roy’s Las Vegas act, will air in primetime on NBC this fall.