Groening Throws Himself into The Simpsons

Over the years, many entertainers and other public figures have lent their voices to animated versions of themselves for Fox’s The Simpsons. Now the show’s creator is getting into the act. Matt Groening makes a special guest appearance as himself in this week’s episode.

In Sunday’s installment, titled “My Big Fat Geek Wedding,” principal Skinner gets cold feet before saying "I Do" to Edna Krabappel. When she calls off the wedding, it’s Homer to the rescue. The show airs April 18th at 8 p.m./7 p.m.

Groening is also set to make rare television appearances during Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block. The toon tycoon will introduce his favorite episodes of Futurama each night at 11 p.m. (ET/PT) from Sunday, May 23 through Thursday, May 27. Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane will also pick his favorite Griffin family adventures and offer behind-the-scenes information from Sunday, July 11, through Thursday, July 15, at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).