Grace Animation Goes on Safari with Avenging Apes

Grace Animation Studios is going into production on 26 half-hours of the animated series series The Avenging Apes of Africa for worldwide distribution. The company hopes to tap into the broadcast demand for older-skew animation.

The Avenging Apes of Africa is an action/adventure series about five transmuted ape brothers who travel the globe protecting and defending all animals of the world from the dreaded Mr. Harry B. Richborne and his worldwide band of pitiless poachers.

Grace Animation is partnering with animation house Riverstar Entertainment Company, which will head-up the production team. The budget for the 26 episodes is estimated at $7 million.

"Our goal is to finalize the funding so all-26 episodes will be available to start broadcast by September 2004,” says Grace Animation CEO Christopher Turner. “Currently we are interviewing distributors that can preview our promo and first completed episode for tentative presale commitments in all markets.”