GMTV Grabs Disney, Jetix Shows

Leading British kids’ broadcaster GMTV has signed a new deal with Buena Vista International Television (BVITV) to license top Disney animated titles. A separate agreement will also give GMTV series from the Jetix Europe (formerly Fox Kids Europe) portfolio of kids’ action-adventure programming.

GMTV will license 300 half-hour episodes a year of such top-rated animated Disney shows as Lilo & Stitch, Recess, Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, House of Mouse and Tarzan, as well as Jetix Europe’s Power Rangers: DinoThunder and Spider-Man.

GMTV Managing Director Paul Corley comments, "Classic Disney animation has been a major part of GMTV’s success during more than a decade and the Jetix programming gives us access to a terrific range of action adventure programs."

The deals will also include new series, some of which have been developed from Disney’s major film hits. The Disney and Jetix programs will join GMTV’s highly successful Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast shows starting early February 2005.