Gee, Davey, We’re History!

Back when cartoons were mostly reserved for Saturday mornings, the Art Clokey-animated Davey & Goliath was the just about the only animated thing on Sunday morning TV. Those who grew up learning life lessons from the stop-motion boy-and-his-dog series can now learn more about the show with a new special titled Oh, Davey… History of the Davey & Goliath Television Series." It’s airing this weekend and next weekend on many local ABC affiliates.

Hosted by actors Clifton Davis (TV’s That’s My Mama, Amen) and Mary McDonough (TV’s The Waltons), this one-hour documentary showcases the development of Davey and Goliath, the children’s program created for the Lutheran church by Clokey Prods. It will feature original clips from the show, which aired between 1960 and 1975. Also included are interviews with original animators/creators Art and Ruth Clokey, exec. producer Richard Sutcliffe and former director of the Commission on Press R. Marshall Stross. In addition, viewers will meet the producers and animators involved in the production of a new holiday special being created by the Clokey Prods. Studio.

Oh, Davey… History of the Davey & Goliath Television Series is produced by Ava Odom Martin, broadcast media production manager for the ELCA. The studio portions will be done by Post Effects 3D virtual studio in Chicago. To find out where and when you can catch it in your area, go to