Gagné Gets Insanely Twisted

Fans of animation designer and vfx wiz Michael Gagné will have to make sure they fire up their TiVos and VCRs before partaking in Halloween festivities this year. Gagné, whose very impressive list of credits includes concept design and effects work for An American Tale The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones and Star Wars: Clone Wars series, will be producing 11 animated shorts (we’re talking under 25 seconds) for Nickelodeon’s special Halloween night programming under the Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet Show banner.

"I’ll be directing, producing and designing all of them," writes Gagné on his eye-popping website, "I’ve managed to gather a small but incredibly talented crew who will help me bring this insane and spooky vision to the screen."

If you visit his site–and you really should–you can find a wealth of wonderful sketches and images related to his works, as well as info on how to get your hands on his very cool illustrated comic book series Zed and Insanely Twisted Rabbits.