FOX Mounts Animation Domination

No, it’s not Betty Boop with a riding crop and a bull whip. Animation Domination is the FOX network’s re-branding of its Sunday night lineup, which kicks into gear this weekend. Highlights of the May 1 launch include the 350th episode of The Simpsons, the season premiere of the resurrected Family Guy and the series premiere of Seth MacFarlane’s new toon show, American Dad.

Animation Domination gets rolling this Sunday with an all-new episode of King of the Hill, which features a guest turn by Brendan Fraser (Looney Tunes: Back in Action) as a gung-ho meteorologist who arrives in town to give Nancy a run for her money. Determined to get a scoop, Nancy then drives a stolen news van into a raging wildfire. Fraser also voices the role of a bully who makes Bobby wet his pants at school.

After Malcolm in the Middle, the milestone episode of The Simpsons guest-stars Albert Brooks (Finding Nemo) as the proprietor of a fat camp that Bart is sent to after Springfield Elementary installs a new vending machine full of junk food. Then it’s another new Simpsons episode featuring the voices of Stephen Hawking and Ray Romano. In "Don’t Fear the Roofer,” a storm hits Springfield and Homer enlists a beer-loving roofer (Romano) to repair a leak in the roof. When Homer’s new best friend never shows up, Marge and Dr. Hibbert assume that he’s a figment of Homer’s imagination and place him in a mental hospital.

Bolstered by strong DVD sales, MacFarlane’s once canceled Family Guy returns to the lineup with the season four premiere In the episode “North by North Quahog,” Lois and Peter run into trouble on their second honeymoon and Peter ends up posing as Mel Gibson so they stay in his suite. Things get even more interesting when they accidentally discover a copy of Passion of the Christ 2.

The American Dad pilot aired on Superbowl Sunday but now the series officially joins the lineup. In “Threat Levels,” CIA agent Stan Smith returns home from work with the wrong thermos and exposes his family to hazardous material. The scare prompts his wife, Francine, to do more with her life and she becomes a successful realtor. Emasculated by her earnings, Stan sets out to sabotage her work.