Fox Commissions CG Pilot

Computer animation studio Threshold Digital Research Labs (TDRL), is producing a CG pilot titled The Afterlife for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Created by Larry Kasanoff, Joshua Wexler, David Schneiderman and Derek Guiley, the prime-time comedy series follows the adventures of a family accidentally killed and sent to The Afterlife, a huge suburban sprawl where people wait to be processed.

Barry Bostwick (Spin City) will voice the perpetually earnest and eternally optimistic patriarch Stan, who is the moral center of the Franklin family. Kerri Kenney (The Ellen Show) will voice Stan’s well meaning, but neurotic wife, Flo. Alexandra Holden (Ally McBeal, Friends) lends voice to Bree, the beautiful and overly dramatic daughter, while Danny Strong (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays Zach, the Franklin’s misfit Goth teenage son.

The Lawrence Kasanoff/Threshold Digital Research Labs production will be executive produced by Larry Kasanoff, co-executive produced and written by David Schneiderman and Derek Guiley, and produced by George Johnsen, Alison Savitch and Kristy Scanlan.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., TDRL is an independent studio with a unique alliance with the IBM Corp. The studio is currently in production on its first full-length digitally animated feature film, Foodfight! In addition to creating and producing digital visual effects for movies and TV, TDRL produced the CG animated theatrical short Edward Fudwupper Fibbed Big with Bloom County creator Berkley Breathed for Nickelodeon and produced and animated Hershey’s Really Big 3-D Show.