Fox Brings Moron to TV

Daily Variety reports that 20th Century Fox Television has greenlit an animated pilot based on the book, Stories From a Moron: Real Stories Rejected by Real Magazines, by Ed Broth, which may or may not be a pen name for comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Former Seinfeld writer Barry Marder (DreamWorks’ upcoming Bee Movie) has been tapped to script the toon demo with Broth and Kenneth Braun.

Over a period of time, Broth sent a number of short tales to completely inappropriate magazines, for instance hitting editors of I Love Cats with a story titled "I Love Dogs." These submissions, along with editors’ responses, have been compiled in Stories From a Moron.

Author Broth has been notoriously media shy, leading many to speculate he is really Seinfield, who wrote the book’s introduction. Seinfield also penned forwards to books in the series Letters From a Nut by the elusive Ted L. Nancy. ABC toyed with a series based on those books a few years ago.

According to the trade, the animated Moron series will explore life in the small town of Cumberland City, where Broth tells the editors he’s writing from. It is not known if the show will air on FOX or another network.