Fllickerlab Supercharged for Colbert’s Tek Jansen

New York-based Flickerlab Studios is helping bring Stephen Colbert’s animated hero Tek Jansen to animated life. The shop has animated the first of eight new Tek Jansen adventures that will be rolled into The Colbert Report this season. The premiere episode of Stephen Colbert Presents Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Squad 7: The New Tek Jansen Adventures aired on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central on September 12.

The series focuses on the exploits of Jansen, ‘the greatest hero of New Earth, who is 10 Hexamillion times more powerful, smarter and better-looking than Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League rolled together’ and he could defeat them all just by making love to Angelina Jolie.”

‘Tek Jansen has previously appeared in an online novel, and in comics so we stepped into a world and a character with a deep history and fan base that could only be described as rabid,’ says Harold Moss, founder/creative director of Flickerlab. ‘This gave us a fantastic foundation to work with. From there, we designed a planetary parliament full of new characters, and enjoyed the thrill of animating the origins of the galaxy’s most virile hero.”

Moss adds, ‘The fun of these cartoons is how serious they are’everything is deadpan and beyond, harkening back to the adventure cartoons we all watched as kids. The whole team had a blast hitting all the over the top notes in those cartoons that kept all of us nailed to the floor in front of the tube, sugar cereal spilling out of our stuffed mouths, every Saturday morning as we were growing up.”

For more info. about the project, visit www.flickerlab.com.