First Look at Anime-Style ‘ThunderCats’ Revival


Cartoon Network unveiled the first official look at its new ThunderCats cartoon.

The new, anime-style series revives the classic series, which was created by Tobin Wolf, developed by Leonard Starr and produced by Rankin-Bass and ran from 1985 to 1990.

Here’s a look at the new series, which is executive produced by Sam Register, with Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding as producers. The animation is being done by WBA and Studio4°C.


The series is set to premiere later this year.

  • Eugenio Enrique Herrera

    I like the action of this scene, but I don’t like the new physical and facial aspect of the characters , honestly I prefer the original ones. In fact, Lion-O rather looks like an adolescent.

  • Adalberto McFarlane

    Remember, that Lion-O is actually younger than everyone else (except for the twins). He aged when they fled Thundaraa to Earth in the first episode of the original series. The look does resemble the quasi-anime style of the original series as well as the standard look of Rankin-Bass productions (The Hobbit and Return of The King). I think folks and animation fans will enjoy the return of this property.