Film Roman, Classic Media to Develop Dick Tracy Series

Dick Tracy is coming back to the small screen in an all-new animated series. Film Roman Inc., the independent animation company best known for its work on the The Simpsons and King Of The Hill, has entered into development agreement with Classic Media, the New York-based family entertainment company that owns Underdog, Lassie and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The new Dick Tracy series will be based on the original UPA shorts, which are now part of Classic Media’s entertainment library. The companies promise to capture the style and originality of those early animated adventures of the legendary detective.

Originally created as a newspaper comic strip by Chester Gould in 1931, Dick Tracy went on to become a highly successful publishing, radio and film franchise during the 1940s and ’50s. UPA Studios’ animated series was produced in 1960 and ran in syndication through the 1990s.