FCC Asked to Block Skechers’ Zevo-3

A group called the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission requesting it block the airing of the upcoming animated series Zevo-3 because it features characters created by Skechers to sell shoes.

The complaint claims the show, which is scheduled to premiere Oct. 11 on Nicktoons, is essentially a half-hour advertisement for Skechers shoes and violates the Children’s Television Act, which limits commercial time to 12 minutes in each half hour of programming.

Speaking to the Associated Press, executives for Skechers and Nicktoons denied the show violates the Children’s Television Act.

Kristen Van Cott, co-executive producer of the show and a senior VP of Skechers Entertainment, told the wire service there are no overt commercial messages in the series and that she was confident the FCC would allow the show to air.

The show features three superhero characters who defend New Eden City from various monsters and is produced by Skechers Entertainment in association with Moonscoop. The characters have previously appeared in comic books and TV commercials promoting Skechers shoes.

Zevo-3 is the first production from Skechers Entertainment.

It was unclear when the FCC would make a decision on the complaint.