‘Family Guy’ Serves Up a 9/11 Gag


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has never been one to be afraid of tackling controversial subjects, but he managed to ruffle a few more feathers this past Sunday. In the Nov. 13 episode of the show, Stewie and Brian travel back in time to stop the tragic attacks of 9/11 from happening.

However, as it’s customary in time travel scenarios, they unleash another set of awful events, where the country goes through a horrendous civil war and becomes a post-apocalyptic nightmare. That’s when the duo decide to return back in time and let the events happen as they did before. Stewie and Brian high-five and Stewie says, “We made 9/11 happen,” and Stewie responds, “Well that probably wouldn’t look very good out of context.”

MacFarlane tweeted before the show aired last night, “Tonight on Family Guy, Stewie and Brian go back in time to the pilot episode..This one’s fun!” Some critics pointed out that the animation creator and his team went too far by joking about the 9/11 tragedy. What do you think?

Here’s a clip:

  • http://none. JONATHAN FUNNELL

    Wish I could of seen this episode but I was out of town when it aired! I LOVE FAMILY GUY! BRIAN THE DOG IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!

  • Tony

    MacFarlene deserves to have his jaw broken for this latest insulting gag. When is FOX going to have the b***ls to kick his demented ass to the curb! And Seth, if you’re reading this, pray to whatever liquor god you have that I never meet you!

  • motwaaagh

    No, no they didn’t. We as a culture need to stop getting our panties in a bunch about every little thing that someone says. We have freedom of speech for a reason. Besides the reason 9/11 happened is because of people who wanted to control us through fear, and if we say that something like this is offensive and act upon it are we no better than those who perpetrated 9/11. Any way this is just a little joke poking fun at the media more than 9/11.

  • louise

    DOH!!!, and I thought animations were real. I am so sad and must now meditate on the real and unreal. Wish me luck.