Family Guy Is Eyeing Best Comedy Emmy

The Peter Griffin clan are hoping to give live-action sitcoms such as 30 Rock and The Office a run for their money this Emmy season. Variety reports that Family Guy exec producer and creator Seth MacFarlane is submitting his show in the comedy category. It’s the second year that Family Guy will be running with the live-action shows, but last year the show was able to compete in the animated category as well because of a loophole.

MacFarlane told the trade daily, “We don’t produce our show the that way SpongeBob does. We’re much more analogous to traditional sitcoms. Our writers don’t come from animation; they come from comedies. I hear people all the time tell me that they love The Office, 30 Rock and our show. Then why are we not all competing in the same world?”

“We’ve been so conspicuously absent from the animation nomination for so many years,” he said. “A lot of the artists felt like ‘It doesn’t matter, they’re ignoring us anyway.’ “

In the past, other animated shows such as The Simpsons also tried to compete in the live-action field. However, the only show that was able to break the toon/live-action barrier was The Flintstones which grabbed a best comedy nomination in 1961 (It lost to The Jack Benny Show!)

Fox’s Emmy campaign for the sitcom is following in President Obama’s presidential footsteps. The ad features infamous toddler Stewie in a poster styled after Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster for Obama with the tagline ‘Vote for Change!’