Ex’pression College Offers Sound Game Plan

Emeryville Calif.-based Ex’pression College for Digital Arts has announced that it is offering a Game Audio curriculum, a new addition to the schools’ growing Sound Arts program. Through the course of the program, students will come to understand the differences between sound effects (sfx) design for film and television, as well as the considerations for sfx design in the game audio world.

Sample rate and bit rate manipulation will be explored at great length, as will file size limitations and terminology such as streaming vs. RAM loaded audio. Projects will include creating sfx for toys, ring tones, ambiences, music beds and character dialogue for video games.

Gary Platt, president and co-founder of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, comments, "With the addition of the Game Audio course, Ex’pression students will learn to create cutting edge sound design for gadgets, ring tones and games. Students will be taken on an interactive journey through the world of sound. In an industry that has already matched the film industry in gross sales, game audio is a leading career of the future and today."

Lectures will include Introduction to ProTools; Introduction to Reason, Pro53, Peak LE, and Synthesis; The Interactive Audio Industry/History of Game Audio; The Technology Behind Interactive Audio; and Programming and Implementation of Sound and Music. The program will also include labs such as Exploring Interactive Audio/Introduction to ProTools, Introduction to ProTools/SFX Library Introduction, Project Introduction/Reason/Creating SFX for Toys, Foley Recording for Projects and SFX Design and Live Foley.