Exclusive Promo for New ‘Fairly OddParents’


The Fairly OddParents creator Butch Hartman is one of our favorite people in animation. And we’re even more excited about the upcoming new season of the Nick show after seeing this behind the scenes promo for the upcoming season, which is debuting exclusively here at Animag Online!

Take a look:

The Fairly OddParents / Butch Hartman exclusive

The Fairly OddParents / Butch Hartman exclusive

What do you think, Fairly OddParents fans? Does the new season look awesome? Or not? Let us know in the comments!

  • kitty5327

    yes it looks awsome,keep up the good work <3 I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • FarFromNormal

    I have idolized Butch Hartman since my daughter started to watch Nick all day long! I couldn’t miss an episode! And, when there was something new being promoted, I actually planned around it. Butch Hartman rocks!

  • joey fox

    awesome I can’t wait to see them