Elephant Prods. Develops Twisted Trio

London-based Elephant Prods. is developing a slate of quirky animation projects for kids. Featuring a talking pet hamster, a smelly family and a living brain that steals dreams, these series promise to make interesting additions to kiddie TV programming.

Leading the way is Waverly — A Hamster of Some Importance. The 2D series, aimed at kids 4-8, tells the tale of the Wilson family and daughter Jessica’s most unusual pet. The series is written by Roger Planer whose previous credits include, Romuald The Reindeer for the BBC, The New Magic Roundabout and Hilltop Hospital. The company’s animation studio Elephant Egg, is producing.

Aimed at kids 4-8, the 2D series Wanganui follows a small boy named Wanganui Wiffler, who grows up in a family devoid of nostrils and plagued by body odor. The only member of the family who can smell is Wolamalu, the family dog, who bathes regularly and takes refuge in the underused bathroom.

Dr Diablo’s Nightmares is a CGI animated comedy horror for kids 7-10. The title character is a brain suspended in a tank. While he has eyes, a nose, ears and a mouth, he lacks eyelids and therefore cannot sleep. Jealous of others’ ability to dream, he takes people’s dreams and turns them into nightmares.